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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Camping In Cabin Rentals

Camping In Cabin Rentals

Camping In Cabin Rentals
By: Jason Murphy

Camping is a cheaper vacation than, say, a Paris holiday or a Caribbean tour. This is also something that kids will enjoy and brag to their friends. Camping trips also make for funny camping anecdotes that can last you a lifetime.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the skill to peg in a tent upright or light an outdoor fire. In this case, log cabin rentals are good options. There are cabin rentals available year-round and in different locations.

There are wood cabins, fishing cabins, and hiking cabins. These cabins take the pressure of building that perfect tent and cooking on outdoor fires.

Most cabins also come with amenities like plumbing, stove, dining room, bedrooms, living room, and a bathroom. But not every cabin has electricity, and with this, no AC, no fridge, and definitely, no TV.

Given this situation, you must come prepared for battle when camping in one of those cabin rentals. Basically, there are three things you must bring to camp: clothing, food, and entertainment.

Even if you are bringing the kids, there's no need to bring a whole wardrobe. Instead, just bring the basics like underwear, T-shirts, jackets, boots, slippers, and trainers. Jeans are good bottoms because they are almost dirt-proof.

Since cabins feature running water, you can wash clothes by hand. Just bring your trusty detergent and fabric softener. Wash clothes every couple of days to avoid piling and running out of clothes. Throw in a couple of floaters, raincoats, and fresh towels for emergencies.

Food are divided in two categories, perishables and non-perishables. Fresh meat and leafy vegetables are not suitable during camping. If you are camping near fishing sites, you can fish for a dose of fresh food; otherwise, content yourself with canned food and hardy vegetables.

Corned beef, sardines, and beans are good choices. Throw in cans of asparagus, mushrooms, and soup for hearty meals. Packaged cakes, cookies, and bread are also good with a variety of spreads.

Most log cabin rentals provide campers with a vicinity map. Just look for the nearest greengrocer and load up on fresh vegetables and fruits. It is recommended to bring your own drinking water if you are squeamish about drinking camp water.

The goal of camping is to enjoy the outdoors and appreciate the beauty of nature. Log cabin rentals are usually located in areas with excellent flora and fauna so take lots of pictures.

However, no one can go exploring and gaping around nature all the time. To ensure that everybody will have a good time even when staying indoors, bring a load of entertainment.

This does not mean home theater. Good books, puzzles, playing cards, and board games bring back the fun in camping. Just remember that cabin rentals do not have electricity so have lots of batteries ready.

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Camping In Cabin Rentals