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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tips for Traveling with Children in Your RV

Tips for Traveling with Children in Your RV


A recreational vehicle can open up an exciting world of traveling possibilities for you and your family.
An RV represents an efficient, convenient way to have a roadside adventure. Yet, you might be wondering whether your children will travel well in an RV.

A Chance for Bonding

You should look at your RV as offering a chance for family bonding. For instance, while your husband is driving, you may be able to play games in the back with your children. Alternatively, when you take over the wheel, your husband may want to turn on the DVD player and watch a movie with the crew. Once in your campground, hook up your RV Satellite Internet and stream videos or movies with your kids. You can even take your family pet along to join in the fun.

Special Family Meals

An RV permits you to have special family meals together while you're on the road. Since you have your own kitchen on board, you should make the most of it. Plan unique lunches and dinners in your RV kitchen. Your children will enjoy the ritual, and it will provide them with memories to last a lifetime.

A Jam-Packed Toy Chest

With the extra room that an RV provides, you can afford to pack along a toy chest filled with your children's favorite games, dolls, puzzles, Dora The Explorer toys, and other favorite toys. In fact, you'll want a full complement of toys for the road. In addition, consider packing along a shelf worth of books—particularly joke books and puzzle books, which can keep your children occupied for extended periods of time.

Plan for Some Outdoor Time

While it might be tempting to spend a great deal of time huddled up in the RV, be sure to schedule some important outdoor time for your children. At a campground, you can find swimming pools, playgrounds, miniature golf, game rooms, and the opportunity to rent bikes and boats. The campsite might even have organized recreational activities for families. These activities allow your children the chance to interact with other children who may share their love of the road. So, sit back, relax, and remember—an RV vacation can be just as much fun for you as for the children!

Article by:Michelle O'Connor, RV Loan Rates