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Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Road to Expert Skiing"Robin's Adventures In Camping Equipment"

You want to learn more about skiing?

Imagine yourself cruising down a groomed run carving elegant turns with your new shaped skis. In the distance you see two symbols, a blue square for a left turn and a black diamond for a right turn. Without hesitation you steer to the right. The pitch becomes steeper, the snow is un-groomed, and there are trees, lots of trees. You stop momentarily, pick a line, push off, and tighten your turns as you begin the descent.

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The Road to Expert Skiing

Skiing Exercises for Recreational Skiers"Robin's Adventures In Camping Equipment"

If you exercise often, you'll begin to build your strength and enhance your endurance in the muscle groups used in downhill skiing. You'll be preparing yourself for the rigors of skiing in the expert zones where both staying power and explosive power are of the utmost importance. First, we’ll get into the why and when you need to exercise, before moving onto the five essential elements of ski-specific exercising.

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Skiing Exercises for Recreational Skiers