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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Oct-Newsletter"Robin's Adventures In Camping Equipment"

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Let's start out with a good article

Backpacking Light

By Robin Shortt

How you should fill a backpack

* Refrain from putting hard objects
against your back.

* Have small items in transparent
plastic bags,this will help to
keep them from falling down to the
bottom of the pack. Or even place
them in side pockets.

* Heavy items should be placed at
the upper center of the back and
close to the body.

How you should place heavy items
in a verticle location depends on
the terrain. Terrain that is smooth,
place the heavy items higher in the
bag. This has the affect of raising
the center of gravity of your bag,

and more weight will be carried by
your hips. Now if the terrain your
travelling on is uneven or you are
travelling with a reduced visibility
pack, heavy items should be at the
bottom and close to your body.

This can apply to biking, skiing, and
mountain climbing.

* You should pack differently for
women, because of their heavier
posterior. They should have heavy items
at a lower level.

* Things you may need at a moments notice
should be packed in a accesible location.
Try to make efficient use of the pockets,
and partitions for items like cameras, maps,
water bottles, compass, and snacking foods.

* Remember to put fuel bottles, and wet
clothing into plastic bags to avoid leakage.

Light weight backpack

Tent w/ rain fly (or Bivy sack); ground tarp

Sleeping Bag - lightest, warmest you can buy

Firstaid kit as light as possible

De-hydrated food packs

Folding knife in holster

Two pairs wool socks.

Boots or shoes.

1 cap or hat.

1-2 paris of underwear.

3-4 pairs of liner socks.

1 pair of Supplex or nylon pants.

1 pair of Supplex or nylon short.

1 cap or hat.

Polypropylene, Thermax, Capilene or other
synthetic long under wear - 2 tops, 1

Synthetic glove liners.

Wool stocking cap.

Fleece or wool jacket-shirt.

Rain gear.

Water Filters

you will need at least 3 water Bottles for carrying at
least 3 liters of water.

little flashlight if any at all

a couple of bandannas

1 light bowl, 1 light cup, 1 spoon

sunscreen lip balm

40+ sunscreen

tooth brush and nearly empty small toothpaste tube


matches in a water proof container
lighter; Magnesium fire starter

Camp stove, single burner, white fuel

Remember, every item you ad to your backpack
is more weight you have to carry. If In doubt
don't pack it. You'll be glad you didn't.

Quick Tip

Bear Protection

When hiking in bear country one of your best defences

against an aggressive bear is a can of pepper spray.

Get detailed instructions on how to use it from the

retailer you perchase it from. It could be the differance

between an enjoyable hike and a disastrous one.

Outdoor Recipe

Pot Roast Dutch Oven Style

1 bay leaf

1 Tbs. balsmic vinegar

2 tsp. dry rosemary; rubbed 3 Tbs. brown sugar

2 Tbs. bacon grease or olive oil 1 Tbs. balsmic vinegar

2 med. yellow onions; sliced 1 Tbs. soy sauce

4-5 cloves garlic; sliced 1 bay leaf

1 Tbs. soy sauce

3 Tbs. brown sugar

3-4 lb. beef chuck roast 1 tsp. black pepper

salt and pepper to taste 1-2 lbs. baby carrots

1 cup hot beef stock or broth 6-8 medium red potatoes; skins on, cut into chunks

1/4 cup honey barbecue sauce 1 tsp. thyme

2 Tbs. red wine vinegar 1 Tbs. parsley flakes

1-2 lbs. baby carrots

1 Tbs. parsley flakes

1 tsp. black pepper

1 tsp. thyme

Start by heating a 12" deep dutch oven. Using 20-22 briquettes on bottom until the

oven is hot. Now add your bacon grease or olive oil, onions and rosemary. Cook 2-3

minutes until you see a little color on the onions. Now add the garlic. Cook for

another minute longer. Using a large measuring cup, combine the beef stock, barbecue

sauce, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar,soy sauce, brown sugar, bay leaf, and

black pepper; stir for mix, then pour the juice slowly into the oven. Season the

roast with salt and pepper, then add the roast to the oven and cover with as many

onions as possible. Put on the lid and reduce the number of coals on bottom to 10

and now place 14-16 coals on the lid. Cook now for 30 minutes rotating your oven

every 15 minutes. After cooking for 30 minutes add your carrots and potatoes. Add

your season of salt, thyme, pepper, and parsley flakes. Put back the lid and keep

baking for 45-60 minutes until vegetables are fork tender.

Serves: 8-10

Hope you enjoyed this month's edition!

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