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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Types of SoftWood For Camp Fires

Heres some info on different kinds of softwood
that'll help keep your camp fire warm and bright.


Well seasoned: is good for kindling- for a quick cooking
fire. Will split easily-readily shaves-lights up quickly.
Wood thats growing along streams and rivers is usually soft
wood. Driftwood is not a particularly good choice for fuel
unless available in large quanities.

Different types of softwood:

Tamarack - is good if well seasoned

Red Cedar - a difficult wood to get burning

Balsam fir,white pines,basswood - gives quick fires and burns
out quickly.

Jack Pine - is thought to be a good source of fuel in the north
where there is very little hardwood.

Spuce - is a poor fuel, but is a good wood to build up a flame.

Pitch Pine - is the most flammable of all when its dry-forget it
when its green.

Yellow Pine - it will burn well because it has resinous sap